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Business regulation, risk, compliance

D-RISK provides a specialised consulting service to financial services organisations in the area of programme and project management, operational risk, compliance and the underlying systems.


Organisational Governance

We analyse and gain understanding of your strategic and operational processes and the inherent risks to your organisation and then work with you to understand what these risks mean to your business.


Project Management

D-Risk people have a strong track record of working with both private and public sector to:

- Facilitate the introduction and amendment of legislation within organisation and includes the development of operationally based policy;

- Management of specialist and complex projects;

- Assist in the development of implementation control solutions including technology based process;

- Manage regulator requirements and liaison.


Risk And Compliance

Establish and deliver operational risk and compliance frameworks across your organisation, no matter if you’re a small two-man operation, a small Responsible Entity (RE), a medium to large life company, a global conglomerate or a dealer group, we can work with you to ensure your firm is run on sound structures.


Platform Applications

We’ve installed bespoke applications in some of the top 100 companies in Australia. Developed ‘in-house’ to fill gaps where a platform solution did not exist, or where an ‘off the shelf’ application was too expensive and complex for the environment the business was working in, we can design and deploy technology solutions for your business as required.

About us

We ensure your links between regulation and policy are strong.

We work with companies to streamline their administration processes and either assisting with the redesign of their existing systems or implementing bespoke systems.

25 Years of continual service

within the financial services industry as business process and IT integration specilaists.

We've worked with the best

We have worked with all types of organisations including handling key projects for many of Australia's TOP 100 companies and regulators.

Why choose us

‘one-stop’ access to a wide range of financial services expertise

Having been consulting within the financial services industry for more than 20 years, we understand what it takes to deliver successful financial services projects, licencing, products, risk and compliance frameworks, compliance programs and overall business positive outcomes, dealing with regulatory issues and negotiating with the regulator(s) on your behalf.

Personally Tailored Solutions

Through a combination of personally tailored solutions, as well as providing easy access to the other supplier networks and support where necessary, D-Risk can help your business fulfil its objectives and responsibilities.

Leave the regulators to us

We understand what it takes to deliver successful financial services projects, and we will deal and negotiate with the necessary regulatory bodies on your behalf to achieve overall business positive outcomes.

Compliance And Risk Management

We work with our clients developing trust at the business and management level to deliver real compliance value.

Our Services

Our unique approach to systems implementation

D-Risk differentiates itself from its peers by concentrating on how your organisation works and will, as much as possible, integrate your organisations culture and processes and controls. Where this is can be improved we will assist the organisation in redesigning its processes and controls and integrate them into a new bespoke controls and reporting environment.


Staff Consultation and Industry expertise

D-Risk accomplishes this through a combination of staff consultation and expertise in the environment in which you work, an analysis of your end to end processes, and if necessary recommendations of an appropriate platform/software based solution.


Project Management

If required D-Risk can also provide project management and change management expertise in order to fully implement the solution within your organisations culture using combinations of formal and informal project management techniques.


Regulatory Liaison and negotiation

If required we are happy to assume the regulatory liaison and negotiate with the regulators as well as assisting in the design the scope and project management of regulator requirements or negotiate and manage an enforceable undertaking if required.


Legal Expertise And Risk Management

D-RISK has the ability to draw on legal expertise to ensure that responses to business and other pressures fit compliance and accountability imperatives. We work with our clients developing trust at the business and management level to deliver real compliance value.

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